Mohawk Capstone Project

December 20, 2015


Storacloud is cloud hosting site that allows you to upload, manage, download, and create your own personal files. The project was developed entirely by Brad Baago through the mohawk college Capstone project. Passwords are secured using best practices as of 2015. Due to the purely academic nature of this project data preservation is not guaranteed. It is best not to use this site for any sort of productive activity.


In order to use the service the user will need a computer or mobile device with up to date browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and maybe internet explorer.). A basic knowledge of how to navigate a website is required as well as a reasonably powerful CPU and sufficient amount of RAM to run the JavaScript elements I intend to include.


Files are protected by user account privileges stored in MySQL with salted passwords. Administrator accounts are of manual creation only and have extended access to the system and are able to view and delete other user accounts or files. CRUD queries are protected from SQL injection. Passwords can be reset through security question prompt.

Data Storage

The database is based on MySQL. There is a file table on the database which has a relationship with the users table. Perceived file paths are created through folder relationships. The file’s contents is stored on the file system identified by the file id.


The interface makes use of the full power of HTML 5 and CSS 4 and looks appealing appealing. The view is responsive for mobile devices. There are JavaScript plugins for these useful features.

  • Autocomplete in search box.
  • Page Less scrolling for viewing file directories with many files.
  • Ajax for database requests. JQuery for loading views in and out.(There will be almost no full page refreshes required)
  •  text editor so simple text files can be edited directly.

Screen Shots